• Act responsibly

    Man and environment in balance with production.

Environment & Energy

The protection of the environment and the responsible use of resources are an integral part of our business activities. In this way, we want to make an active contribution to environmental protection by consciously using energy. We continue to strive to improve our energy efficiencies.To this end, we actively involve all employees and encourage energy-conscious actions.

As part of regular energy audits based on DIN EN ISO 50001, we are constantly putting our entire organisation to the test by means of detailed recording, analysis and evaluation of the operational energy consumption structures. Thus, the energy audits support us to identify potential for improvement and to take sustainable effective measures. We see the energy audits as a useful tool to support the achievement of our sustainability goals. At the same time, we comply with the statutory energy audit obligation and thus ensure that we comply with the legal energy relevant obligations at all times.


Certificate DIN EN ISO 50001

Project INTODOL – Minimizing INTOCAST’s Carbon Footprint

Project INTOCOLD - Saving Energy in the manufacturing of firebricks