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HKM and INTOCAST AG sign long-term tundish operation contract

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INTOCAST AG is taking over the complete management of tundish operations

“Steel. That’s us.“ This is the slogan of Hüttenwerke Mannesmann (HKM). Over the past four decades, HKM has become a close partner and one of the most important customer for INTOCAST AG. The signing of a long-term service contract for all tundish operations, reaffirms this partnership even further

Starting on 1 February 2021, INTOCAST AG will take over the complete management of tundish operations. The services provided will include tundish refractory installations, tundish scheduling, logistics, stores keeping and the upholding of safety and quality standards. In short: an all-inclusive one-stop service.

Digitalization is considered essential towards setting up tundish operations fit for the future. In this regard, INTOCAST AG is going to upgrade the technology of the entire tundish plant to INDUSTRY 4.0 standards. Digital job cards with automated data capturing, will record all processing steps and consumables used. Temperature and wear profiles will be generated and documented. The data will be collected and analysed in a central database. Instead of “Big Data” we use “Smart Data” to guarantee the highest possible process reliability while simultaneously maximizing efficiency.

Michael Gestal (INTOCAST AG), Dominik Gather (INTOCAST AG) und Matthias Normann (Vorstandsvors. INTOCAST AG)
Michael Gestal (INTOCAST AG), Dominik Gather (INTOCAST AG) and Matthias Normann (chairman of the board of INTOCAST AG)