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METEC 2019 – We say thank you!

Created by INTOCAST |

This year’s METEC was a huge success for INTOCAST.

Our stand was extremely well received and was one of the highlights in Hall 5. As always, there was active exchange of technical matters as well as a comfortable social atmosphere. During the discussions, many new products and developments were discussed which potentially open new possibilities for us all. Apart from technical and commercial progress, the well-being of our visitors was our focus. Light snacks and ice-cold drinks complimented an enjoyable visit to the stand considering the outside temperatures experienced. Our absolute highlight was our anniversary celebration on the MS RheinPoesie where we celebrated 40 years of INTOCAST as well as 100 years of DOLOMITE FRANCHI on a Rhine cruise.

We would like to thank all our guests who visited us during the METEC and made this year’s exhibition a memorable experience for us all.

See you next time at the METEC in 2023.