INTOCAST acquires Pyrol

New site in Mexico

INTOCAST’s CEO Matthias Normann completed his first visit to our new Group Member Pyrol in Mexico. Due to the rapid increase in demand for our product range in the region, we decided to establish a new sales and technical support structure in Mexico. The result was that INTOCAST bought the majority stake in Pyrol in May 2021. Pyrol was founded two years ago by Luis Reyes and trades in refractory products and casting auxiliaries. It also offers project support and warehousing as part of the service portfolio.

"We see Mexico as one of the most important locations in our strategy to expand the business in North and South America. A local presence now offers better customer proximity, faster service and shorter delivery routes," says Matthias Normann.

Matthias Normann (Vorstandsvorsitzender der INTOCAST AG) und Luis Reyes (Geschäftsführer Pyrol)
Matthias Normann (CEO of INTOCAST AG) and Luis Reyes (Managing Director of Pyrol)