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Saving Energy in the manufacturing of firebricks

INTOCAST IBERICA investigates how to produce refractory firebricks without heating.

In the current context of energy, INTOCAST IBERICA has defined minimizing energy consumption as an R&D priority. The R&D Team started a research project to develop a room temperature binding system to produce refractory firebricks without heating.

Our INTOCOLD project was started in September 2021 and will finish in December 2022. Main objectives will be:

  • Development of a room temperature binding system for refractory bricks based on state-of-the-art micro and nano particles.
  • Full control of sintering and reaction phenomena during INTOCOLD brick heating on site to guarantee lining stability.

The project is supported by the Economic Development Agency of the Principality of Asturias (IDEPA) and the Research Team in Petrology from the University of Oviedo will act as scientific partner. Expected success in the present project will be the base for a new range of refractory bricks with lower carbon footprint.

INTOCOLD Projektleiter (V. l. n. r): Alvaro Rubio (PhD. Ordentlicher Professor für Petrologie - Universität Oviedo), Roberto Caballero (F&E-Leiter) und Maxi Herias (F&E-Ingenieur)
INTOCOLD Key people (From left to right): Alvaro Rubio (PhD. Full Professor Petrology – University of Oviedo), Roberto Caballero (R&D Manager) and Maxi Herias (R&D Engineer).