Christmas tree wish campaign by INTOCAST

Created by INTOCAST AG |

INTOCAST employees fulfilled children's Christmas wishes.

INTOCAST created a Christmas tree wish campaign and implemented it with Café Lichtblick in Ratingen. The children of the district club created glittering and colourful wish cards on which they wrote down a small Christmas wish. These cards were ceremoniously presented to INTOCAST in a personal appointment with a small delegation of children and now these cards decorate the large Christmas tree in the company's foyer. INTOCAST employees now have the opportunity to choose a card from the Christmas tree and fulfil a child's Christmas wish.

Shortly before Christmas, the presents will be handed over to the children. Ella (9) says: "I think it's great that all the children will be getting a present. If a wish card is left hanging on the Christmas tree, INTOCAST will take over the fulfilment of the wish." This campaign should bring a sparkle to the eyes of these children.

Christmas tree with cards in the foyer of INTOCAST AG
A few children from Café Lichtblick with Romay Wahl from INTOCAST