Secondary metallurgy

Steel teeming ladle

In modern melting shops teeming ladles are no longer mere transport vessels for liquid metal transfer. Nowadays steel residence times in teeming ladles have increased along with prolonged porous plug stirring periods utilised in vacuum processes and ladle furnace reheating. It is of fundamental importance for the production of high quality steel that teeming ladle linings are optimised in-line with sophisticated process metallurgy requirements. The INTOCAST group provides refractory concepts covering applications of integrated steelmaking plants, mini mills and stainless steel melting shops respectively.

Lining options

Shaped and unshaped refractory productS

The INTOCAST group offers a wide range of shaped and unshaped refractory products. Beside product dimensions and volumes all relevant data of shape options and sizes are listed in our comprehensive overview. For your convenience we also manufacture products to your individual requirements.


Shapes portfolio:

•    Straights
•    Wedges
•    Arches
•    Mini Keys
•    Keys:
    •    Metal Cased Keys
    •    Skewback Keys (Reverse)
    •    Skewback Keys (Forward)
•    Skewbacks
•    Ladle Bricks (P-Shapes)
•    Ladle Bricks (Semi-Universal shapes)
•    Parallelogram Bricks
•    Corner Bricks
•    Runner Bricks
•    Taphole Sleeves
•    Surrounding Blocks
•    Taphole Tubes
•    Taphole End Bricks