• One step ahead

    In our technology centre engineers and technicians develop individual concepts and solutions for our customers.

Research & Development

A competent and highly motivated team of INTOCAST specialists is running the Krefeld Technology Centre where new development and continuous improvement work is performed for refractory products and casting auxiliaries. Their customer oriented innovative solutions are always focused on market needs. Our Technology Centre in Krefeld is equipped with state-of-the art test facilities. The INTOCAST team of R&D experts consists of metallurgists, mineralogists, chemists, material engineers and ceramic technicians. Excellent in research enables highly successful development work covering all stages from raw material to final product. Plant specific refractory concepts are provided when customers require tailor-made solutions.


The Krefeld Technology Centre utilises most modern methods of chemical, mineralogical, microscopic and thermal analysis for investigating product characteristics.

Measurement & control and analytical section in the Krefeld Technology Centre

Examination of physical properties under hot and cold conditions

  • Devices for strength testing (cold modulus of rupture and cold crushing strength)
  • Various kilns and furnaces (up to 1700°C)
  • Creep under compression
  • Thermal expansion

Chemical analysis

  • XRF (X-ray fluorescence)
  • AAS (Atomic absorption spectroscopy)
  • C-S-H2O (Carbon, sulphur and water determination)

Mineralogical analysis

  • X-ray diffraction analysis

Structural analysis – elemental distribution

  • Scanning electron microscope
  • EDX (Energy Dispersive X-ray) analysis

Thermal Analysis

  •     Hot stage microscope (up to 1550°C)
  •     TGA (Thermo gravimetric analysis up to 1000°C)


A deciding factor for the end-user of refractory and casting auxiliary products is that INTOCAST’s R&D team is constantly improving our refractory products and casting auxiliaries. Development work takes into consideration economic parameters, service performances and behaviour of our products interacting with the metallurgical process. The Krefeld Technology Centre is the place where solutions are created. Contributions from production, raw material purchasing, sales and marketing, application technology and plant engineering are collected, analysed and substantiated towards the realisation of creating superior products. Another focal point of INTOCAST R&D work is the enlargement of our product portfolio. Our constantly expanding product range is answering to most diverse challenges in the market and customer needs.

Implementing management systems ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 has permitted INTOCAST AG to act in full compliance with international work standards. Conformance with legal rules, occupational health and safety regulations is ensured, as much as satisfying our own self-imposed high quality requirements.