Kanjo Také Utilizes Steel Trade Fair as a Stage for Stardust


For his latest work, MGO STARS, German-Japanese artist Kanjo Také explored the core of the earth, heat and pressure, and went in search of traces of stardust.

Using the finest grains of minerals, including magnesite, andalusite, magnesium, olivine, chromium oxide, zircon, quartz, kyanite, and graphite, Také has created an imaginary universe of never-before-seen universes and galaxies through photographic digital collages. The artist has prismatically arranged the collaged color-filtered stone images, resulting in a world of unique stars.

The series, currently consisting of ten unique pieces, may only be supplemented with additional newly created unique artworks, giving rise to further artistic galaxies through the multitude of individual pieces.

Each star remains unique, just like every creature, like every snowflake. It floats in space, appearing and disappearing,” says the artist about his work.

Kanjo Také has also created a unique presentation for the unveiling of his new artwork, staying true to the so-called “art city of Düsseldorf”. The METEC metallurgical trade fair in Düsseldorf is the traditional venue where the global steel industry showcases its products, refractory materials, and casting auxiliaries every five years. The rocks used in Také’s artwork are, among other things, utilized in various applications of steel production under tremendous heat. However, it is through the artist’s eye and staging that the true beauty and uniqueness of each speck of dust as part of the universe are revealed.

The locally based corporate group INTOCAST AG is providing their exhibition booth as a stage for the art and is presenting the works in backlit boxes and as a film on a huge 16-meter-wide LED screen. INTOCAST CEO Matthias Normann explains their involvement with passion: “The purity of raw materials has accompanied us and our employees throughout our lives. The artist has expressed appreciation through his works and has created a galaxy that pays respect to our ceramic environment.”

Currently, the artworks can only be viewed by trade visitors of the METEC trade fair (June 12–16th) in Düsseldorf, as well as invited media representatives.