INTOCAST Announces Major Investment in Mega Class Factory for Refractories in the Heart of America

Ratingen (Germany) and Huntingdon, Tennessee (USA) – INTOCAST AG today officially announces the construction of a new, state-of-the-art production plant dedicated to the manufacture of MgO-C refractories and materials specifically for the American market. This significant investment marks a pivotal expansion of INTOCAST’s operations in the United States, emphasizing its commitment to innovation, sustainability, and proximity to the customers.

For over 45 years, INTOCAST has been a recognized expert in refractories, the essential materials that helps shape the steel industry. The legacy of innovation and unwavering commitment to quality has earned the trust of leading customers worldwide and the new Tennessee plant is the latest example of how the company tailors its global strengths to meet the specific needs of the American steelmaking industry.

The new facility in Huntingdon, Tennessee provides excellent infrastructure and logistics capabilities, including river transport. The choice of location reflects the company’s strategic planning to leverage the area’s investment-friendly environment, ensuring a swift and efficient supply chain to meet the possibilities in the American market.

With an initial investment exceeding 20 million USD in Phase 1, INTOCAST USA is set to bring over 100 full-time jobs to the local economy within the next five years. The project’s Phase 2 is expected to even exceed the initial investment and introduce an additional 50 jobs, underscoring INTOCAST’s role in stimulating economic growth and attracting further investments to the region.

The new plant will boast an annual production capacity of 40,000 tons of refractory material in Phase 1, with scalable plans for expansion. Embracing the latest technology, including robotics and Artificial Intelligence for process and quality control, INTOCAST USA sets a new industry standard. The facility will feature a low-emission furnace made in Germany, full integration of product waste into a 100% circular economy, and state-of-the-art R&D and quality labs, illustrating an unwavering commitment to quality and environmental stewardship.

INTOCAST USA aims to foster strong community ties, particularly in supporting local education and workforce training. Through collaborations with local technical schools and international training programs, the company is dedicated to nurturing a skilled workforce comprising boiler makers, maintenance workers, robot experts, accounting and administration.

After the ground breaking ceremony on the green field on March 5, the construction is set to commence in July 2024, with INTOCAST USA working closely with local authorities to ensure compliance with all regulatory approvals and environmental standards.

“We are not just building a new plant; we are forging a new chapter for INTOCAST in American steelmaking,” states INTOCAST AG CEO Matthias Normann. “Our new American mega class factory will not only provide our customers with access to the highest quality refractories and on-site services available but will also bring jobs and economic growth to the region.”

This investment is just the beginning of INTOCAST long-term vision for growth and innovation in the USA. As we move forward, we remain committed to our core values of excellence, partnership, and sustainability, ensuring a brighter future for our industry and the communities we serve.