INTOCAST Group reveals new corporate design

INTOCAST presents its new corporate design to further highlight the synergies between the individual companies within the group. The aim is to bring the companies even closer together without abandoning their respective core competencies. The specialized and established companies CARBOOX, HAMAG, MAPEKO, DOLOMITE FRANCHI, SLOVMAG as well as the South African companies UTO, VR, and RETROMIN will maintain their current names but will now visually move closer to the parent company.

With this step, INTOCAST underlines its claim to unite all processes and synergies globally under one roof.

“What makes each company in the INTOCAST group stand out is the many years of know-how and personal service commitment of each individual employee. Many of our specialists have been with their customers for a lifetime, often as part of the local team, and can therefore provide optimal advice for the most efficient operation of the equipment,” says Matthias Normann, CEO of INTOCAST AG, who completed his apprenticeship at INTOCAST in 1994.

The specialization of the individual companies and the appreciation of the employees towards their customers will be summarized in a global promise by the INTOCAST group:

“Experts on fire.”

This promise is intended to express both the know-how of each individual company and the emotional bond of the employees to the company and their customers. The visual identity will also strengthen the group membership of all companies without sacrificing their individual character.

The new corporate design will be unveiled for the first time at AISTech 2023 in Detroit. Until the industry world’s leading trade fair, METEC in Düsseldorf, the appearance will be unified, and the new corporate design will be presented at the booth, on the website as a digital platform of all companies, and in all further communication measures.

For both the companies operating under the INTOCAST name and the specialized companies with other names, the new design represents more of an evolution than a revolution, to honor long-standing relationships and ensure easy recognition.