Continuous Casting

With over 40 years of experience INTOCAST has developed a range of continuous casting products that satisfies the highest of casting process requirements. Innovative solutions are worked out in cooperation with our customers. Consistent enhancement of existing products followed by in-plant testing and implementation is our core competence. Our production lines are among the most modern in Europe and continuously improving with new acquisitions of highly efficient plant equipment.

Continuous casting powders and -granules are divided into following main groups/applications:

SYNTHERM S = Continuous casting powder for slabs
SYNTHERM B = Continuous casting powder for billets and blooms
SYNTHERM BB = Continuous casting powder for beam blanks
SYNTHERM GS = Continuous casting granules for slabs
SYNTHERM GB = Continuous casting granules for billets and blooms
SYNTHERM GTS = Continuous casting granules for thin slabs
SYNTHERM GBB = Continuous casting granules for beam blanks

Applied with ULC-, IF-, LC-, MC-, HC-, TRIP and stainless steels