INTOCAST had been involved in secondary Aluminium for years. Based on this experience INTOCAST calculates, designs and produces refractory linings from our specific product ranges for Aluminium applications. Pre-fabricated shapes or unshaped products are available dependent on customer needs and installation requirements.

Deciding on the following parameters we work according to your priorities:

  •     Thermal shock resistance
  •     Low risk of forming corundum
  •     High wear resistance
  •     Low shrinkage

Take advantage of our full-line service offer covering engineering, wrecking, and lining installations including pre-heating. We have our own installation teams on site or cooperate with certified contractors whose experienced installers work under INTOCAST management and supervision.

We guarantee optimal installations for:

  • One-chamber melting furnaces
  • Recycling furnace
  • Rotary furnace
  • Tank furnace
  • Two-chamber melting furnaces