Engineering at the highest level:
our refractory technology for cement, lime and paper

For the cement and lime industry we provide refractory technology specifically optimized to satisfy business requirements. After having accumulated operational experience over many years, we have developed products with service lives not measured in weeks but years. In close cooperation with you, our experts develop a concept perfectly adapted to your needs – cost-optimized and, of course, complying with environmental standards. We look after everything: from development to production through to distribution we are always at your side. Contact us, we look forward to receiving your call or mail.


Our portfolio covers the following areas:

  • Rotary kilns
  • Heat exchangers
  • Furnace entry and exit zones
  • Furnace exit areas and furnace heads
  • Pre-heater grids
  • Planet coolers
  • Shaft furnaces
  • Rotary kiln lime calcination

Tailor-made concepts
for papermaking

No two plants are the same. Tailor-made refractory lining concepts are available providing for efficient and sustainable plant operation. Whether monolithic linings or refractory bricks: our individually designed concepts and solutions cater perfectly for your needs and consider on-site plant conditions. Are you interested? Well, then contact us!