Granule and Powder Feeders

Granule and Powder Feeders

INTOCAST provides automatic granule feeding regardless of the continuous casting machine type or size. No matter whether it is for casting slabs, thin slabs, blooms, billets or beam blanks – INTOCAST will always provide you with a solution. The number of strands is not an issue. A single robotic feeder is able to simultaneously service and maintain feeding to all six strands of a billet caster. Every automatic feeding robot is equipped with precise consumption measuring and display. At all times casting operators are fully informed about granule consumption.

Equipment extensions and additional machine features are attachable to the robot system, facilitating pneumatic conveying of granules from big bag to mould. Silo systems can be provided that permit easy switch-over when conveying and feeding different casting powder types. A control room link is optional for
automatic feeder supervision from the caster pulpit. Operators are no longer needed to be present at the mould which drastically improves work safety standards. Supervision of conveyed material quantities is performed by video cameras. “No man casting” becomes a reality.

Induction sensors can be fitted into the moulds of billet and bloom caster for fully automatic conveyor operation. The device is able to differentiate between steel, slag and the height of the granules layer. Casting powder feeding without human intervention has become possible in this way.

Feeder System

INTOCAST commissioned an automatic feeding system for a customer according to their specific requirements.

Technical equipment:

  • Touch screen
  • Speed of operation display
  • Communication link possible to process control computer in pulpit.
  • Connectivity to Level 2 casting machine