Continuous Casting

INTOCAST is your one-stop service partner for tundish management. Durable permanent tundish linings with optimised insulation properties, working linings and pre-fabricated shapes are provided in a full service concept. This package includes INTOCAST machinery at customer disposal and assistance from our qualified service personnel. Further cost saving potential can be realised by selecting an outsourcing approach for your tundish management.

Excellence in research and the development of customised products have led INTOCAST to be one of the technology and market leaders in this field. Carbon-free tundish lining materials are part of the product portfolio as much as high insulating slurry spraying materials and consumption-optimised dry vibratable mixes.


With the “Endless Recycling System”, INTOCAST is saving valuable resources by applying state-of-the-art material processing technology. Products recovered from spent linings are returned to the refractory making cycle, assisting in care for the environment. The introduction and implementation of MAPEKO’s highly efficient tundish Soft Drying System FOEHN®, further contributes to environmental considerations of INTOCAST