Semi-automated system for steel ladle well block cleaning by oxygen lancing

The semi-automated system allows easy and safe access to the bottom of the ladle from the inside and features:

  • Precise and smooth cleaning of the well block – a prerequisite for achieving a high free opening rate
  • Safe operation by using remote control and video monitoring systems – reducing the risk of operator exposure
  • Safer working area by using rotary warning lights – increasing area safety and reducing the risk of injury to coworkers


Equipment Advantages


  • Tailor made
  • Ease of handling
  • Promotes safer operations
  • Low maintenance effort
  • Regular and homogeneous additions guaranteed
  • Semi-automatic system, feeding in 1.5 to 2 minutes
  • Promotes increase of free opening index

Stability on Sand Feeding

Special silo features:

  • Pneumatic opening mechanism
  • Anti-vibration cushioning to avoid grain size segregation
  • Upper screen for debris retention
  • Low level alarm system
  • Electronically timed metering valve
  • Sand heating system (moisture reduction)


  • Control panel with PLC system
  • Frequency inverters ensure precise feeding on pre settled-point
  • Monitoring system zooms 32x
  • Traceability of the addition process by image recording system


  • Reduces operator exposure to safety risks
  • Safety visual system with warning lights, minimizing the risks accidents
  • Interlocking system prevents driving during sand addition


  • Laser guided device for crane operators to set steel ladle at precise feeding location
  • Wireless screen monitoring system for crane operators
  • Well block temperature measuring system