Well Filler products

Well Filler

Free flowing sand for high free opening rates of steel ladles available in chrome-quartz as well as special zircon based compositions. Stable and controlled manufacturing process, partnership with approved raw material suppliers and the knowledge of customer conditions supports continuous improvement, these are our main reasons of success.

  • Packing: Plastic or Paper Bags from 10 to 25 Kg and Bulk Bags from 500 to 1500 Kg

EBT Filler

Granular refractory material produced by mixing and blending synthetic and natural mineral components. It ensures high free opening rates of Eccentric Bottom Tap Holes (EBT) in Electric Arc Furnaces.

  • Packing: Plastic or Paper Bags from 10 to 25 Kg and Bulk Bags from 500 to 1500 Kg


Nozzle Opening Device – DAP

DAP – Exothermic device, used whenever a failure in the opening of the nozzle occurs. Coupled to the oxygen lance, it pro-motes the quick release of the steel flow. DAP dimensions and exothermic charges are appropriate to fit the nozzle, oxygen lance and ladle parameters.

  • Packing: Cardboard tubes containing 20 to 200 pieces

Ladle Nozzle Filler Feeder

  • Equipment used for the application of well filler sand
  • Tailor-made equipment, in compliance to legal norms, minimising operator and on-site risks
  • Features sensors, frequency inverters, level switches and PLC, ensuring control, safety and accuracy in the material addition process
  • Reduces operator exposure to high temperatures and ergonomic hazards
  • Traceability of the addition process by an image recording system
  • Supports ladle opening rate improvements

Special Design for Inclined Ladle Sand Feeding
These new technologies was presented at the steel conferences
4th edition ABM Week and 22nd edition Expo IAS:

  •  Zoom monitoring system
  • Video recording system
  • Adjustable positioning for precise sanding


EBT Tap Hole Feeder

Special Features:

  • Accurate inspection of the tap hole before feeding
  • Easy handling, anti-dust control panel with touchscreen monitor
  • IP cameras allow monitoring from multiple locations in the plant
  • Dark lens option for high brightness screen
  • Preservation of existing layouts by using innovative and personalised solutions
  • Pneumatic driving for effective and “easy to maintain” system
  • Remote driving of the tap hole cap
  • Equipment developed for application of granular EBT filler
  • This equipment supports high free opening rates of Eccentric Bottom Tapping (EBT) Electric Arc Furnaces